Are you a flower lover who is all about those rare, one-of-a-kind strains?  Cobbler Hemp Flower provides you with one of the most sought-after yet hard-to-come-by cultivars on the market.  Notoriously difficult to grow, Cobbler takes enormous effort on the part of hemp farmers, which is why its availability can be so scarce throughout the year.  But, here at Agrodine, we work with some of the most skilled and experienced farmers in the United States, who have risen to the challenge of delivering this exceptional strain for customers like you to savor.

Profile Breakdown and Characteristics

Cobbler, not to be confused with “Berry Cobbler”, is a unique breed of the hemp plant that acts as a sativa-dominant hybrid.  More specifically, it’s made up of 70% sativa and 30% indica.  It comes from the crossing of two other rarer strains: Charlotte’s Cherries, and Tangistan.  It is strictly a hemp flower cultivar, bred for its high CBD level.  It boasts about 20% CBD, and can yield up to 1% THC.  Of course, the Cobbler Hemp Flower we carry at Agrodine is bred to contain a maximum of 0.3% THC, to make sure that it remains fully legal in the United States in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

In terms of visuals, these buds are round, bright green and speckled with fluffy neon orange hairs.  They’re also coated in a frosty layer of amber-colored crystals.

Flavor Profile and Aroma

Cobbler is recognized as one of the most flavorful strains of all time, so if you’re a strain connoisseur who gets just as much enjoyment out of the taste of different cultivars, then you’re really in for a treat.  Based on the name, you can already guess what the flavor profile has to offer.  Many compare it to the taste of a freshly baked cherry cobbler, thanks to its exquisitely sweet and slightly tart notes of cherries, paired with a buttery nuttiness reminiscent of a cobbler crust.  There’s also a chocolate note that really brings this flavor profile into a whole new level of decadence.  Aroma-wise, you’ll mainly note the fruity cherries combined with bright citrus and aromatic herbs.

Effects and Experience

Now, let’s get to the good part.  Cobbler is one of those truly special strains when it comes to its effects, showing off the level of mastery of its original breeders.  The strain is one of the most euphoric on the market, instantly lifting the mood with a cerebral sensation that makes you forget about your day-to-day worries and just embrace the present moment.  At the same time, a feeling of limitless bliss takes over, soothing your mind as well as your body.  In essence, it creates the perfect sensation of balance and equilibrium, never being too stimulating or sedating, but making you feel absolutely at ease in your surroundings.  That being said, it’s also an incredibly versatile strain that can really do the trick whether it’s morning, day or night.

Because of its profoundly high level of CBD (cannabidiol), it’s a good choice for anyone seeking out the effects of this particular cannabinoid in a potent serving.  In other words, it gives you a heavy serving of all of the properties we already associate with CBD, while introducing you to loads of terpenes that work together harmoniously to make you feel rejuvenated and restored.

Cobbler Hemp Flower at Agrodine

Agrodine couldn’t be more thrilled to offer this stunning cultivar to our flower-loving customers.  Our Cobbler Hemp Flower is grown under the highest level of care by farmers who know what it takes to yield the finest, most terpene-rich buds possible.  The flower can only be grown during a small window of time each year, making the process very precarious, but highly worth it.

This Cobbler flower is grown to be highly potent, without ever creating a high.  It’s then lovingly dried and cured, and hand-trimmed to give you only the best of the best of each yield.  We know that as soon as you open the container, you’ll be blown away by the fresh, potent aroma.  And, like all Agrodine products, our flower is fully lab-tested by a third party to guarantee only the highest quality possible.