Cobbler Hemp Flower



Cobbler Hemp Flower is one of our once in a year hemp strains that comes and goes until next year. It is grown by our farmers who painstakingly grow it every year and to give it the best of its potency. it is dried and cared for during its process to be sold on the market. Place your orders now to have your hemp flower be held for your consumption. It will ship out in 3-4 week upon ordering. Therefore taking about 2-3 business days to be delivered to your area. The wait is worth every second of waiting and every penny of paying for these delicious hemp strains.

Cobbler Hemp Flower is the father of all hemp terp plants. This strain was created to bring different flavors to CBD plants to give them distinct terp profiles. It exudes a wonderful flavor and aroma due to the exotic oils it produces. Its flavor and aroma can be described as opening a can of new tennis balls; with an undertone of cherries and chocolate. This crop is diffidently one you would wish to keep in your house and smoke with at all hours of the day. Especially if your a fan of chocolate and cherries.

Ingredients: Hemp Flower

All Products Contain Less Than 0.3% Delta 9-THC

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