Here at Agrodine, our team is always dreaming up new ways to give you the hemp compounds that you most crave throughout the day, in ways that both maximize effectiveness and flavor.  Our Delta 8 THC Lemonade does all that and more, promising a gratifying delta 8 high that absorbs more effectively than ever, while soothing you with the refreshing, thirst-quenching taste of lemonade.  For this product, we really went above and beyond to give you everything you could ask for out of a delta 8 product.

Feeling thirsty? Reach For Delta 8 THC Lemonade

Delta 8 THC Lemonade at Agrodine comes in an 8oz bottle, and you can drink it just like you would any thirst-quenching bottled beverage.  Made using carefully sourced ingredients and only the finest third-party-tested hemp extracts around, it really goes above and beyond in every way to take your daily delta 8 regimen to an entirely new level of satisfaction.

500mg Per Bottle

Each 8oz bottle contains a staggering 500 milligrams of hemp-derived, lab-tested delta 8 THC distillate.  That means that a little really goes a long way, and you’ll be able to stretch out each bottle quite a bit if you so choose.  The average daily serving of delta 8 is 25mg, and that means that the only challenge with this product is resisting the urge to finish the whole bottle at once, since it’s so darn tasty.

Water-Soluble for Max Absorption

We all know that water and oil don’t mix.  But, delta 8 distillate derived from hemp is naturally an oil-soluble product.  So, we used advanced nanotechnological methods to create a delta 8 nano-emulsion through splitting the molecule into millions of tiny particles.  Basically, this process allows delta 8 to absorb into water rather than oil.

Not only does this allow us to offer a homogenized delta 8 liquid product, but it also means that you’ll enjoy bioavailability like never before.  Water-soluble hemp products absorb at a far higher rate than those which are oil-soluble, which make up the large majority of the market.  Water solubility means that the cannabinoid can absorb better into the body, which as we know is made up of 60% water.

Clean, Organic, and Natural Ingredients

Our Delta 8 THC Lemonade is made with strictly natural, carefully sourced ingredients.  Just glance at the ingredients list on the label and you’ll see that each bottle contains only hemp extracts, purified water, organic lemons and cane sugar – yep, that’s it.  No fillers, preservatives or additives are needed to make this lemonade deliver everything you want out of a delta 8 beverage, and the product is free of artificial flavoring of any kind.

Absolutely Satisfying Flavor

Of course, you want a delta 8 drink to taste as good as it feels.  So, we’re proud to tell you that we’ve tested and tweaked the formula repeatedly until its flavor was undeniably satisfying.  You’ll enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of lemonade, just like you remember, with the unique flavor profile of naturally occurring terpenes to add complexity and depth to each and every sip.

Choose Your Strain

We offer our Delta 8 THC Lemonade in 3 great strain choices, based on their terpene profiles that come with whole-flower extracts.  So, which strain is right for you?

  • Pink Lemonade: An 80% indica-dominant hybrid with a flavor profile to match its namesake, offering a mood-boosting burst of euphoria followed by a dreamy, introspective buzz and soothing body high
  • Blue Dream: A beloved, nearly perfectly balanced hybrid known for its rich blueberry flavor, bursts of creativity and all-over balanced mood effects
  • Green Crack: A strikingly potent hybrid that’s almost all sativa, with a fresh mango flavor and fast-acting, heavy-hitting uplifting, motivating properties

Quench Your Thirst and Savor Your Favorite Cannabinoids at the Same Time!

Delta 8 THC Lemonade has arrived to make your spring and summer more delicious, while giving you some of the most potent, bioavailable delta 8 and terpenes that you’ll find anywhere.  Choose from our three great strains and sip it slowly to unlock the powerful potential of this highly concentrated hemp-infused beverage.