Delta 8 Lemonade 500mg


It’s tasty, uniquely bioavailable and easy to consume.  So, if you’re looking to quench your thirst while improving your overall wellness, this is absolutely a product that’s worth trying, and you can find it here.

Ingredients: purified water, organic lemons , cane sugar, hemp extract.

All Products Contain Less Than 0.3% THC


Feeling thirsty?  Rather than reaching for yet another sugary, artificially flavored beverage, why not opt for something that will quench your thirst while simultaneously giving your wellness a nice boost?  Delta 8-infused lemonade is here, and it’s capable of taking your hemp regimen to a whole new level of deep satisfaction.

What is Delta 8 Infused Lemonade?

THC lemonade is pretty self-explanatory.  It’s simply a lemonade beverage, just like that which you grew up enjoying, only it’s infused with hemp extract.  What this means is that as you sip on a nice glass of your favorite summertime drink, you’re not just treating yourself to that sweet and tangy taste.  You’re also giving your body a daily dose of Delta 8 THC liquid drink that gets to work in order to give your endocannabinoid system what it needs to do its job.

infused lemonade consists of a standard lemonade recipe that contains THC.  Lemonade’s main ingredients are lemon juice derived from fresh organic lemons, water and a sweetener to balance out the tartness.  Water-soluble THC  is also added, in an amount that ensures that each serving size (one glass) gives you your daily dose of hemp so that you can properly support your endocannabinoid system with the cannabinoids that it requires.

How is Delta 8 THC Lemonade Made?

D8 lemonade starts off with the perfect extract.  Creating extract requires properly grown hemp plant material grown organically by expert farmers.  The female hemp plant is the one that contains all of the cannabinoids and other compounds that are considered desirable, including cannabidiol itself. 

When the female hemp plant’s flowers mature, they are picked for extraction.  The extraction process is what turns the hemp plant material into a concentrate that’s rich in hemp compounds, which can then be blended with other ingredients.  The process used requires pressurized CO2 which is run through the hemp flowers, lifting these compounds away from the flowers in a way that retains their chemical stability, bioavailability and potency.  The resulting extract is oil-based, and compound-rich.

Now, here’s where things get interesting.  We all know that oil and water don’t mix.  But, to create a Cannabis-infused beverage, you need to add Hemp extract.  So, manufacturers go a step further utilizing advanced nanotechnology methods to turn that Delta 8 drink THC Lemonade into a water-soluble formula.  This way, it can easily be stirred into the lemonade recipe, so that the compounds distribute properly and evenly throughout the beverage.

From there, the water-soluble extract is added to a traditional lemonade recipe.  Then, it’s bottled and ready for consumers who want a unique way to quench their thirst.

Why Choose Delta 8 THC Infused Lemonade?

So, why choose our -infused lemonade?  Well, we’ve got plenty of reasons.  Of course, it’s hard to deny that this is one of the most appealing hemp products available on the market.  Lemonade, to put it simply, is delicious, being one of the most beloved beverages of all time, after all.  Being able to sip on lemonade throughout the day while knowing that you’re giving your body a wellness boost sounds pretty great, don’t you think?

Further, there’s a bioavailability factor that makes this product a great choice.  We said that D8 lemonade must be made with water-soluble Extracts – otherwise, the extract would never properly blend into the recipe, as it would be oil-based.  One big advantage of consuming water-soluble Delta 8 rather than oil-soluble is that it absorbs into the body more efficiently.  Basically, water-soluble Extract is more bioavailable.  What this means is that it absorbs more thoroughly, so that you can get more out of each dose.  It also absorbs more quickly, meaning that you may be able to experience a faster onset time, while having a more potent cannabidiol experience overall.

How Does Infused Lemonade Work?

When you drink a glass of infused lemonade, the hemp compounds quickly absorb into the cells of your body.  This means that you may feel the effects faster and more potently than you would if you were taking an edible, which provides fat-soluble Delta 8.  After drinking a glass, you may experience activation in less than an hour, and it can provide effects for several hours after your dose.

Most people find that one glass of D8 infused lemonade daily is all that they need to reach their wellness goals and maintain an adequate hemp routine.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reach for another glass if you’d like.  The bottom line is that infused lemonade is a wonderful way to incorporate into your daily regimen.

Our lemonade is One of Those Products that Rarely Disappoints


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