We know that the hemp industry comes with a long list of vocabulary words.  Some of those users need to know in order to ensure that they are getting the best product for their needs.  We hear a lot about cannabinoids, terpenes, full spectrum vs. broad spectrum extracts and so on.  While these terms can be intimidating at first, ultimately, they’re enlightening.  Why?  Because they help you understand and appreciate the relationship between CBD and the human body.  Now, we’re gonna introduce a new CBD-related word into your terminology: distillate.

There’s good reason to understand what it is, as it may be exactly what you were looking for.  Especially, if you’re going to take your hemp experience to the next level.

What is CBD Distillate?

CBD distillate has become quite a popular attribute of hemp recently.  It’s essentially a hemp concentrate made using a refinement process that turns the hemp plant’s chemical composition into a highly potent honey-like liquid.  Both in terms of its color and consistency.  CBD distillate is flavorless and odorless, which is something that it shares in common with CBD isolate.  But CBD distillate and CBD isolate are two very different products, as we will get into shortly.

CBD distillate is extremely useful because of its high potency level, which means that a little goes a long way, so to speak.  Further, it’s incredibly pure.  This makes it unique from many other types of concentrates that are available today.  Typically, a CBD distillate will contain 80%-90% pure CBD.  The rest of the chemical composition could contain additional cannabinoids as well as terpenes.  Many hemp users want this, as we now know that CBD is not the only compound in the hemp plant that’s worth incorporating into our wellness routines.

Distillate vs. Isolate

Many people confuse CBD distillate with CBD isolate and it’s easy to see why. Both are high in CBD and have no smell or flavor, while other hemp-based products tend to have a heavy plant aroma and taste.  But, CBD isolate is not CBD distillate.  CBD isolate is pure CBD, meaning that it only contains cannabidiol and no other hemp compounds.  This is because CBD isolate is essentially the stage that takes place after CBD distillate.  The refinement process goes further to actually purify the CBD without any other cannabinoids remaining.

Because CBD distillate is unique from CBD isolate, you can enjoy the potential benefits of a hemp product with a uniquely high concentration of pure cannabidiol, without losing the potential that other cannabinoids and terpenes have along the way.  This alone makes CBD distillate worth trying.  Although, it’s not the only potential advantage of going this route.

Benefits of Distillate Over Other CBD Products

Without a doubt, the main advantage of CBD distillate is its high concentration.  By being more potent, you can get a stronger hemp experience with less actual product.  Basically, save money while finally reach that desired potency level.  Furthermore, CBD distillate is one of the purer products on the market.  Meaning, its less likely to have impurities that could either destabilize the cannabinoids themselves or introduce unwanted traces of toxins into your body.

How CBD Distillate is Made

Making CBD distillate requires a unique process that’s just as fascinating as the end product itself.  Most concentrations, like shatter and wax, require the use of solvents for extraction.  CBD distillate is no different.  Only the end product differs due to additional processes used.

  1. The compounds must be extracted from the hemp plant in a way that preserves their chemical stability.
  2. Then, a process of winterization takes place, which carefully removes impurities from the remaining extract in order to ensure a product that’s as pure as possible.  It involves combining the crude hemp extract with ethanol, so that the desirable compounds remain while the undesirable ones are left behind.
  3. Next, the distillate is decarboxylated.  Heat is applied to it in order to gently activate the desirable compounds so that they are fully bioavailable to the body.  One must be careful not to overheat them, or else they will destabilize and lose their potency as a result.
  4. Finally, the concentrate is distilled, which relies on the use of heat, steam, and pressure.  This is to separate each individual compound, so that the manufacturer can essentially reorganize the chemical composition as they see fit.

Forms in Which You Can Buy CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is clearly becoming a very hot item on the hemp market, and you can see why.

Opt for Pure CBD Distillate

Many companies offer this concentrated extract in its pure form, and the idea is that you can dilute it as you wish and create a wide array of formulas based on your needs.  This is a great choice if you like to have control over your hemp experience in terms of the delivery method and milligram strength you use each day.

Distillate Already in The Formula

Find a CBD company that puts distillate in their formulas rather than the conventional form of hemp extract that most of us are used to.  These days, you can find CBD vape oils, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more that use CBD distillate as their primary active ingredient.  These products will be more potent, as CBD distillate is more concentrated than standard hemp extract.

CBD Distillate is a Unique Type of Hemp Concentrate

It’s heavy on the CBD, while also introducing other useful cannabinoids and additional hemp compounds into the body.  Plus, you’ll likely find that in the coming months, CBD distillate will become  more widely available because of its unique advantages over other hemp products.  In our opinion, CBD distillate is absolutely worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for a more potent option.