If you’ve been eyeing some delta 8 products, but don’t know where to start, you are not alone.  Delta 8 THC is the newest cannabinoid to take over the hemp industry.  Similar to CBD, it comes in all kinds of unique delivery methods and formulations.  Choosing the right delta8 product can require more consideration because of its psychoactive properties, which determine how high you’ll feel when you take it, and how long that high will last.

What the Delivery Method Means to Your Routine

In short, the delivery method refers to the means through which the compound is delivered into the body.  You can consume delta 8 in a few of ways.

  • Skin absorption
  • Ingestion
  • Inhalation

Each delivery method has an onset time, a length of activation, and a level of potency felt within the body.  Because delta-8 THC is psychoactive, you need to be more thoughtful when choosing a delivery method than you would if you were starting a CBD routine.  The high created by delta 8 means that how you take the compound has a bigger impact on your day.

Choosing the Right Delta 8 Delivery Method as a Beginner

We will now break down the key delivery methods in which you can purchase delta 8.  From there, you’ll be able to know what to expect with each type.


Come in various forms including disposable systems, vape carts and bottled vape oils, are a good choice for someone who wants a quick and easy delta 8 experience.  The effects come on within minutes and start fading away about an hour after dosing, which means that you don’t have to commit to a lengthy period of time during which the compound’s intoxicating effects are taking place.

Keep in mind that inhaling delta 8 creates the most potent effects.  Therefore, even though the overall experience is short-lived, you will really feel those intoxicating properties.


Refers to hemp flower that has been infused with a pure delta 8 extract.  It’s almost always inhaled, either via a pipe, papers or a vaporizer device made specifically for flower.  It behaves just like vapes in terms of the onset time, the length of time during which the effects are felt and the potency at which the compound is felt in the body.


Great alternative to inhaling the compound.  They come in dropper bottles with the oil being held under the tongue for a minute to absorb through the sublingual tissue.  They take effect within 20 to 50 minutes and can last for up to 6 or 7 hours, while being a bit more subtle in terms of potency.  Also, good for beginners due to easy doing.  In fact, a single dropper’s worth of oil counts as a dose, so you don’t need to measure anything out.


Offer a flavorful way to take a dose of delta 8 THC.  Like tinctures, gummies are easy to dose out, because each gummy piece contains the same amount of delta 8.  When taking gummies and other edibles, the effects can take up to 2 hours to be felt in the body, and those effects can last for 8 to 10 hours.


Similar to gummies in that they are ingested and offer effects for up to between 8 and 10 hours.  Often, the effects are felt sooner – 45 to 90 minutes – because there aren’t as many ingredients, for which the digestive system needs to break down.  Beginners may also like capsules because it’s a delivery method that we are all familiar with.


Topical solutions will not get you high, because their effects remain local to the area of application.  They are best for someone who is dealing with a skin issue or localized pain.

Now, You Have a General Idea of Each Delta 8 Delivery Method and Its Effects

We encourage you to explore different delivery methods to see which one best accommodates your needs and schedule.  Remember that as a beginner, your dosage is just as important as the delivery method.  Hence, start with a low dose to build up a tolerance to the intoxicating effects of this compound.

As far as delivery methods are concerned, all of the ones listed above are widely available, so you’ll have no trouble finding the one that appeals to you.