Delta-8 can be experienced in all kinds of ways, ranging from fast-acting vape oils to long-lasting gummy candies infused with this unique hemp-derived cannabinoid.  But, one method that offers a happy medium between the two are delta 8 tinctures, which act relatively quickly while offering hours of effects in the bodily system.

When using delta 8 tinctures, dosing is extra important.  Unlike CBD, delta 8 will get you high, and so it’s important to be mindful of how much you take in one sitting.  A person can take an extremely high dose of a CBD tincture and be able to continue doing their daily tasks, while a very high dose of a delta 8 tincture can get you more intoxicated than you had expected.

Why Dosing is Important with Delta 8

You can argue that being mindful of your dosing is more important when taking delta 8 than it is when taking CBD.  Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive compound that is milder than delta 9, but it’s still possible to get “too high,” which can lead to grogginess, and in rare cases anxiety.  For instance, taking an extremely high dose of delta 8 can interfere with your ability to drive for the next few hours, or work.  It’s especially important for beginners to be conscious of how much of a delta-8 tincture they’re taking, since they are likely to have a low tolerance to the compound’s intoxicating effects and may need some time getting used to these effects as well.

Dosage vs. Milligram Strength

It’s important to understand the difference between dosage and milligram strength, as both determine how much delta 8 you’re feeding to your body in different ways.  The dosage is how much you take per dose, while the milligram strength is how many milligrams of delta 8 are actually in that dose.  Therefore, a milliliter of a 600mg tincture is twice as potent as a milliliter of a 300mg tincture.  It’s important to choose a milligram strength mainly based on your tolerance to delta 8, with beginners opting for a lower milligram strength to work up a tolerance.

Talk to Your Doctor

Ultimately, it’s ideal to talk to your doctor about dosing a delta 8 tincture, especially if you’re using delta 8 for something specific, like pain or anxiety.  Your doctor can give you the best advice as he or she is aware of your medical circumstances and current medications.  If you choose to speak to a doctor, make sure to follow his or her recommendations thoroughly.

Easy Dosing Rules for Delta 8 Tinctures

So, how do you dose out a delta 8 tincture?  The good news is that tinctures are uniquely easy to dose.  Virtually all delta 8 tinctures come in a 30ml dropper bottle, that has a pipette attached to the cap.  A full milliliter of the formula is considered a standard dose, and the pipette is designed to hold a milliliter.  Some manufacturers put notches on their pipettes so that you can dose out each milliliter with perfect accuracy, but this isn’t really necessary.

Therefore, when the time comes to take your dose, simply fill the pipette with the oil, and you’re good to go.  And remember that as we said, how potent that dropper full of oil will be depends on the milligram strength of the formula.

Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you know the basic rules of dosing delta 8 tinctures, let’s share some important things to keep in mind when managing a tincture routine.

#1: You Can Take Two Doses Per Day if Necessary

You can take two doses per day if you feel that this will be beneficial to you.  But, ideally, you will wait until the effects of the first dose wear off before taking the second one.

#2: Wait for the Tincture to Take Effect Before Deciding to Take More

Tinctures can take between 20 and 50 minutes to take effect, depending on the individual, so wait for 50 minutes before deciding whether or not your dose was actually effective.

#3: You Can Change the Dosage Amount if You Want

The milliliter rule is a guideline, and you can adjust the dosage amount if you want, by taking less or more than a full dropper’s worth.  However, it’s best to start with one milliliter and adjust after a few days of use.

#4: If You’re Apprehensive, Cut the Dose in Half

If you’re new to THC and nervous about how it will affect you, there’s nothing wrong with taking half of a dropper’s worth at first.

#5: Make Sure You Take Your Dose Properly

Remember that delta 8 tinctures should be held under the tongue for a full minute, so follow this rule to get the full effects of each dose.

Quick Dosing Thoughts

Delta 8 tinctures offer a unique delivery method for this increasingly popular hemp compound, and come in a wide array of strengths and formulas.  If you’re going to start a routine with a delta 8 tincture, it’s important to choose an appropriate milligram strength and start out with a full dropper of oil.  Over time, you can adjust your routine as needed to better zero in on your needs.