Agrodine is always coming up with new ways for our customers to experience the unique properties of the hemp plant.  One product that we’re exceptionally excited about is the Delta 8 THC Shatter.  It combines the fascinating effects of delta 8 THC with the profound potency of shatter.  Those who want a hemp experience that’s particularly strong will love what this product has to offer.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 is the hemp cannabinoid that has everyone buzzing at the moment.  Like cannabidiol, delta8 binds with cannabinoid receptors in the body to produce regulatory effects that may be useful to overall wellbeing.  Beyond that, it actually produces mild psychoactive effects.  This being the result of degraded delta 9 THC.  Many describe its effects as calming and uplifting.  They’re far less potent than those of delta 9, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid many of us are familiar with.

In the hemp plant, delta8 exists in about 0.1% of the plant’s chemical composition.  Delta 8-specific products contain a concentrate of this lowly occurring compound to increase its potency.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of concentrate that gets its name from its brittle, glass-like consistency and appearance.  Also, the fact that it can easily shatter if handled improperly.  It’s ultimately a form of butane hash oil, similar to wax.  Because shatter is a concentrate, its potency level is extremely high.  Why? It’s due to higher levels of compounds in the material.  Meaning, those who use shatter can expect stronger effects.

Delta 8 THC Shatter at Agrodine

At Agrodine, we have produced a Delta-8 THC Shatter which provides hemp enthusiasts with a profoundly potent product.  In addition to delta 8, it contains cannabidiol isolate along with a variety of naturally occurring plant terpenes that produce their own effects on the body.  It’s produced via the CO2 extraction process, which adds to the high purity levels of the concentrate along with the chemical stability that ensures that the compounds are fully capable of delivering properties to their fullest potential.  An intensive filtration process further purifies the product so that the desirable compounds are as abundant as possible.

Exceptionally Pure

Simply put, Delta 8 THC Shatter is one of the purest out there.  Various purification processes allow for a 99.6% purity level, so that you can enjoy the uniquely high potency level while knowing that you’re not taking in any unnecessary materials during the process.

Available in Eight Flavors

We know that many hemp enthusiasts have particular goals in mind.  Therefore, they desire specific properties that the hemp plant’s capable of.  This is why we offer our Delta 8 THC Shatter in eight unique flavors, with each flavor coming from an individual strain.  Each strain of the hemp plant has a specific terpene profile, with each terpene pitching in with its own variety of effects.  By being able to choose from so many strains, you can decide what type of hemp experience you’d like to have, and you’ll be able to better customize your hemp routine in order to suit your goals.


The Delta 8 THC Shatter has been thoroughly tested by a third-party in order to verify that the purity levels are ideal, and that the quality is as high as possible.

How to Use the Agrodine Delta 8 THC Shatter

If you wish to use the Agrodine Delta 8 THC Shatter, here are the two best methods for doing so.

Smoking It

If you wish to smoke this shatter product, you’ll need a specialized pipe-like device called a dab rig.  When using a dab rig, you must place a small amount of the concentrate onto the nail of the device, and then heat the nail with a butane torch in order to produce the desired amount of smoke.

Vaping It

Vaping shatter relies on using a dab pen device, which properly vaporizes this unique type of concentrate in an efficient manner.  All that you need to do is place the concentrate into the chamber of the device and fire a hit to take in the vapor.

Truly Flawless in More Ways Than One

The Agrodine Delta 8 THC Shatter offers one of the purest delta 8 formulas on the market and ensures maximum potency for those who want a particularly strong delta 8 session.  Lab-tested and available in a variety of strains, it offers everything a delta 8 enthusiast could ask for.