5 Reasons to Choose CBD Balm

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CBD Topicals, unlike other products, are for those looking for a more targeted approach to the properties in the hemp plant.  Topicals allow us to apply cannabidiol directly to an area of the body that is giving us some form of trouble.  Whether it relates to our skin, muscles, or joints.  That’s why we will be discussing what makes CBD balms so unique and provide some great cases for making it part of your daily routine.  Even if you’re already taking another form of hemp each day.

We’ll also get into exactly what this product is and how it’s made.  This is so you can know what to look for when you’re ready to choose a formula for those specific needs.

What is CBD Balm?

It’s a topical solution applied to the skin using hemp as its active ingredient.  The leading chemical compound in hemp is cannabidiol.  CBD’ known for its various useful properties which have plenty to offer, even in topical applications.

CBD balm is not the only type of topical formula you can find easily today.  Other topicals include creams, lotions, massage oils, salves and even adhesive patches.  But we love CBD balm because of how easily it melts into the skin, how quickly it absorbs and how soothing it is once applied.

How Does CBD Balm Work?

CBD balm works through transdermal absorption.  To appreciate its usefulness, we must first understand how the endocannabinoid system operates.  This system consists of a network of cannabinoid receptors strategically located throughout the body.  Each cannabinoid receptor is in charge of regulating a certain bodily process, such as pain, mood, inflammation, or so on.  When these receptors receive cannabinoids, these regulatory actions can occur to support overall wellness.

Cannabinoid receptors in the skin, muscles, and joints can receive CBD through transdermal application.  In other words, applying a CBD balm to the skin allows cannabinoids to bind with the receptors in them effectively.  As an added bonus, the cannabinoids “stay put” so to speak, allowing you to potentially treat a specific localized area with a concentrated dose of CBD.

How is CBD Balm Made?

CBD balm starts with the industrial hemp plant, which is run through an extraction process to separate the desirable compounds from the hemp material.  From there, this hemp extract is tested by a third-party lab for quality, and then returned to the manufacturer.  The extract is then blended with a variety of ingredients to create a balm formula which highlights the properties of hemp with each application.

How Do You Use CBD Balm?

Using CBD balm is extremely intuitive.  Simply scoop out the necessary amount so that you can massage an adequate amount of product into the chosen area of application.  Make sure it absorbs into the skin as fully as possible.  Can be used daily, and more than once a day if needed.

Need More Reasons to Start Using It?

So, what makes CBD balm such a great choice for those looking for targeted relief, besides being travel-friendly?  Let’s find out.

Reason #1: Great for Localized Areas

Like we said, CBD balm is ideal for localized areas.  Oral CBD delivery methods can be extremely useful.  However, they disperse cannabinoids throughout the body rather than focusing on one specific area that needs attention.  CBD balms do the opposite.  They give a particular problem area the concentrated attention that it deserves.  If you’re struggling with some type of muscle tension or skin inflammation, a balm may be a better option for you.

Reason #2: Excellent for the Skin

Any good-quality balm formula will be made with plant-derived ingredients that are rich in beneficial properties of their own.  Many of the plant oils, butters, and botanicals used in these balms contain vitamins that improve the condition of the skin.  All while providing intensive moisturizing and hydrating properties that keep the skin soft and supple.  Applying a CBD balm can be a luxurious experience that gives you the skin you’ve always wanted.

Reason #3: Absorbs Very Quickly

CBD balms absorb at a quicker rate.  This is due to the formula’s consistency which sinks beneath the skin’s surface in no time.  It’s also beneficial in two ways.

  1. Won’t leave behind a sticky or greasy residue that gets all over your clothes and aggravates you throughout the day.
  2. Faster the formula absorbs, the sooner you’ll begin to feel the effects of the CBD in action.  Fast-absorbing topicals are also highly bioavailable because more of the chemical composition of hemp absorbs fully and efficiently into the body.  Therefore, you’ll be able to get potential rapid relief after application.  This is great for those who need fast, on-demand relief.

Reason #4: Can Provide Long-Lasting Effects

Many people who use CBD balms say that they can feel the effects at work for up to six or so hours.  This is extremely helpful for those with busy schedules who simply don’t have the time to constantly reapply more product throughout the day.  Also, their long-lasting nature  gives them significant value.  You don’t need to go through tons of product just to experience a day of potential relief.

Reason #5: Studies Support it

Since hemp was legalized years ago, more medical researchers have been studying its effects.  Multiple findings have supported the claims that CBD can significantly reduce pain, and one newer study has found that transdermal application may be uniquely effective by zeroing in on the specific painful area of the body.  Therefore, you can feel confident when using a CBD balm as more and more of the medical world is embracing its use therapeutically.

CBD Balm is Easily One of the Most Useful Hemp Products of All

In our opinion, it belongs in the home of every CBD enthusiast.  It’s great for on-the-spot treatment and offers both fast-acting and long-lasting effects.  If you wish to incorporate CBD balm into your daily regimen, check out the various expertly crafted, lab-tested formulas that we have available at Agrodyne.