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Stoneo Cookies 500mg, are you the type of weed enthusiast who wants to have fun when they take their daily dose?  Or are you basically new to the scene, and are searching for a uniquely tasty way to begin a daily regimen?  If you answered yes, you might want to look into Stoneo cookies.  Sure, we hear a lot about gummies when it comes to edibles, but Delta 8 THC cookies are finally starting to have their moment.  And why wouldn’t they?  this cookies are delicious, easy to consume and great for anyone who wants to support their body’s endocannabinoid system with what the amazing plant has to offer.

What are Stoneo Cookies?

Stoneo cookies are, as you would assume, cookies that are infused with pure plant extract.  Here’s how it works: each cookie contains a consistent dose of Delta 8 hemp extract, which means that while your taste buds are getting treated to something delicious, your body is consuming THC and any other hemp compounds that may be present in that particular brand’s recipe.

Why are Stoneo Cookies Becoming So Popular?

The question isn’t why cookies are becoming popular – it’s why wouldn’t they be?  It’s hard to find a person out there who wouldn’t love the opportunity to eat cookies each day while knowing that they’re actually giving their body something that’s potentially very good for them.  We all love cookies, but many of us try to avoid indulging in sweets.  Well, D8 THC cookies give us the perfect excuse to treat ourselves on a regular basis.

cookies belong to the edibles category.  This type of delivery method offers its own unique effects compared to others.  When we consume edibles like cookies, we can experience the effects for longer periods of time, as it stays in the system for several hours.  Edibles can take one to two hours to take effect, because of how long it can take to work through the body’s digestive tract.  Once the active ingredient becomes active in the bloodstream, the effects tend to be relatively subtle, but extremely useful just the same.

How are this Cookies Made?

This cookies start with, as you would expect, THC from hemp.  This means that a company that makes cookies first has to seek out high-quality hemp from the right farmer.  Then, they turn that hemp plant into an extract that is oil-based.  This oily extract serves as at least a portion of the fat content in a cookie recipe.  It’s blended with all of the other cookie ingredients and baked as any cookie would be.  

How Should Stoneo Cookies Be Consumed?

The great thing about Delta 8  cookies is that there’s no true wrong way to eat them.  D8 is nontoxic, which means that many people can enjoy high doses of it daily if they so choose.  In other words, you don’t have to worry about eating too much of a cookie at once, unless you’re someone who is currently counting your daily calorie intake of course.

Each infused cookie has a precise number of milligrams of hemp in the recipe.  Therefore, you can decide how much of a cookie will give you the results that you want.  While it’s common to eat a whole cookie, some people find that half is quite enough.  Experiment with different portions to decide how much works for you.

Because the active ingredients can take up to two hours to take effect when consumed in the form of an edible, it’s a good idea to time your dosage properly if you want the hemp to peak at a particular time of day.

package contains 2 cookies 250mg each Delta 8 THC.

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