Hemp CBD Lip Balm



Hemp CBD Lip Balm – 25mg

CBD Lip Balm contains 25mg of CBD. Our lip balm has become a popular product for couples during that nighttime kiss affair. The product is also popular for women, who want to give their lips a break and heal.  This cannabidiol CBD Lip Balm is LOW in psychoactive properties, and wont produce an obvious ‘high’ effect like some of the other varieties of Cannabis Products.  If you want to treat pain, inflammation on your lips, without experiencing fatigue symptoms, then this is the balm for you.

What To Expect From  Hemp CBD Lip Balm – 25mg ?

The lip balm is uplifting and fairly potent.  It is advisable that you start off with a small amount of balm if you have not used it before so that you can increase the dosage to your preference.  You can be sure that they are as allergen free as possible as they don’t contain gluten or nuts.

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