Hemp CBD Bath Bombs 100mg each bomb two pack

5 oz.

  • CBD soothes sore muscles and the Chronicle says “This weed bath bomb is the next best thing to an orgasm“! (CBD: 25mg)
  • Relaxes your body and mind with pleasant natural essential oil (lime) and deodorizes with Japanese persimmon extract.
  • Free of sulfates, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance, and preservatives. All natural.

Soak in the tub with one of The 7G very own creations, Hemp CBD Bath Bombs. Each bomb is infused with 25mg of isolate hemp extract, essential oils, and coconut oil. These awesome bombs not only make a relaxing conclusion to a long day but are also an excellent way to incorporate hemp extract into your regimen.

Ingredients: Hemp Isolate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Epson Salt, Citric Acid, Essential oils, Corn Starch, Hemp Seed Oil, Coloring, Dried flowers.