CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter is incredibly similar to CBD wax, in fact, it’s nearly the same thing, except shatter is a more pure form of wax you can get. It’s called shatter because as the name hint; it’s in the form of isolated crystals with terpenes added. This is the purest of CBD you can get, besides CBD isolate, but with just some extras added to give it flavor.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Concentrates?

There are many ways to intake your CBD, and it’s all about your preferred way. From dabbing wax to ingesting hemp oil to sprinkling some goodness into your run of the mill blunt; you can begin to reap the benefits of CBD. CBD concentrates are one of, if not the fastest way to take in CBD into your system. And if you’ve come this far but still don’t really know what CBD does for you; let me enlighten you. Cannabidiol, or CBD, acts as a form of pain relief, decreases inflammation, aids anxiety and depression, and much more. Certain things need a quick fix, and that’s what CBD concentrates are here for.


What’s in it

Our CBD shatter is made with 99% pure CBD Isolate infused with all-natural terpenes of a variety of different cannabis strains to give the uplifting effects of a sativa strain, or the mellowing and relaxing effects of an Indica strain. This product has 0% THC, and can be sold in all 50 states. Made from CO2 extracted hemp.