It’s amazing to stop and think about how far the hemp industry has come over the last decade.  The combination of hemp research and advancing technology has allowed companies to make more effective cannabidiol (CBD) formulas than ever before, in order to give people those powerful results that they fully deserve.

One of the most valuable advancements in CBD technology has been nanotechnology, which allows us to enjoy what’s known as “water-soluble CBD”.  Maybe you’ve come across water-soluble hemp products – in particular, tinctures, and isolates – which have left you wondering what makes them unique from the various oil-based formulas that many of us consume daily.  Well, as you’re about to find out, water-soluble CBD is actually a major gamechanger, fully worth the hype it’s enjoying at the moment.

What is Water-Soluble CBD and Why Does It Matter to Understand Its Overall Value?

Water-soluble CBD’s big advantage is how it absorbs into the body.  The majority of hemp products that we consume are oil-soluble, because the extracts we produce from hemp naturally have an oil consistency.  It goes without saying that many people are satisfied with oil-soluble CBD, which comes in all kinds of forms like tinctures, gummies, capsules and vapes.

But, ultimately, water and oil don’t mix.  And, our bodies are comprised of 60% water.  By the laws of chemistry, that tells us that oil-soluble CBD can only absorb into the body’s cells so much, since the water in the body naturally repels oils to a high extent.  In fact, some suggest that the body absorbs as little as 10% oil-soluble CBD, which is strikingly low on the bioavailability scale.

If you’re only getting 10% of the benefits out of a CBD product, surely you must be wondering what it would be like to feel that other 90%.  And while we can’t promise that water-soluble CBD gives you 100% absorption, we can say that its absorption is far higher than that of oil-soluble products.  Basically, if you’re already enjoying what your standard CBD products can offer, water-soluble CBD can take those exciting effects to a whole new level, giving you stronger, more noticeable results, and supplying your endocannabinoid system with more cannabinoid concentrations to really support its function.

Another benefit of water-soluble CBD has to do with formulations.  Oil-soluble CBD extracts can only be combined with so many ingredients to produce the various formulas on the market.  Essentially, all products containing oil-soluble CBD extracts must be oil-based themselves, since again, water and oil don’t mix.  Water-soluble CBD allows us to make CBD-infused liquids, including delicious, refreshing beverages that act quickly and produce potent effects in the body.

Nanotechnology and Water Solubility

Water-soluble CBD doesn’t exist in nature, but luckily, we have nanotechnology, one of the most exciting scientific developments of the modern age.  Nanotechnology is the science of converting something into smaller particles that are invisible to the naked eye.  It involves applying a certain level of pressure to a molecule, which forces that molecule to split into millions of smaller molecules which retain the molecule’s desirable chemical properties.

Nanotechnology isn’t just applied to the hemp industry – far from it, in fact.  It’s used as a solution to contaminated water.  Plus, can even benefit the environment on a large scale, while having many uses in manufacturing on top of that.  Also is commonly used in medicine, to aid in the absorption of various drugs.

Nanotechnology is what’s needed to convert oil-soluble cannabidiol into something that’s water-soluble.  Once the CBD compound is split into nanoparticles, it can undergo a process known as emulsification.  Emulsification may sound high-tech, but it’s something we’re all familiar with.  Think of a salad dressing of oil and vinegar.  To allow water-based vinegar and oil to blend together, an emulsification process is required, which simply involves stirring the ingredients together quickly to get a homogenized consistency.

Basically, once cannabidiol is split into nanoparticles, it can be blended with a liquid easily to create a water-soluble substance that won’t separate when exposed to another liquid.  This ensures that the CBD can absorb effectively into the body’s cells for maximum results.

Why Aren’t All Water-Soluble CBD Products Created Equally?

We’ve talked about how nanotechnology is the ultimate method for producing water-soluble CBD.  But, it’s not the only method.  There is another process out there known as glycosylation, and it’s important to know that this method is ultimately inferior to nanotechnology.

Gylcosylation infuses oil-based extracts with sugar molecules that attract water particles.  The water then breaks down the sugar, and, changes the overall consistency of the product itself.  Sounds like a great alternative technique, right?  Well, not exactly.  Glycosylation is a very inexpensive method, but it comes with a lot of downsides.

One is that the process has a lot of room for human error, and also people question its effectiveness in producing a more bioavailable product.  In essence, there’s a good chance that not nearly as much of the glycosylated product is absorbing into the body as we think.

This is why you should strictly buy water-soluble CBD that comes from nanotechnological methods.  This is the only method that delivers proven results when it comes to efficient absorption, and therefore, efficient effectiveness.

Agrodine Water Soluble CBD Isolate: 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate

The good news is that water-soluble CBD made using nanotechnology doesn’t have to blow your budget.  At Agrodine, you’ll be able to enjoy this product in its purest form: Water Soluble CBD Isolate.  Using only the most advanced nanotechnological methods, this CBD isolate offers the concentrated, pure cannabidiol extract that you’re looking for, which can be blended with all kinds of ingredients to produce a formula that addresses your needs.  Most of our customers blend it in liquid, so that they can drink their way to hemp satisfaction.  And, like all of our products, this CBD isolate is lab-tested by a third-party, so you know that you’re getting a magnificently potent, additive-free product.