Inhalational cannabis products are increasingly becoming popular. Many users are showing preferences for products such as shatter, wax, and e-liquids. It is because of this trend that manufacturers have upped their game in designing new generation cartridges and inhalational equipment to help perpetuate and/or tap into this trend. Currently, there are many cartridge options available and the overall equipment also differs in physical characteristics. In this article, we will explore some of the cartridge options you can get when you buy delta 8 bulk THC cartridges online.

How are delta 8 thc cartridges used?

THC or CBD cartridges help in consuming inhalational cannabis. Usually, they contain the active ingredient in the form of a liquid. The liquid is called an e-liquid and the equipment is thus called an e-cigarette. Some of the best delta 8 THC flower wholesale can be fashioned into e liquids by preparing them into concentrates and mixing them with an appropriate carrier liquid.

The e-liquid is housed within the cartridge. When consuming these products, the cartridge is heated by a coil until the liquid vaporizes. The vapor is then directed into the mouth and the user inhales the vapor. This method of consuming cannabis is called vaping and has been a popular trend since late 2017.

What are the different types of cartridges?

When you go to buy wholesale delta 8 cartridges, there are two major options that you will find. There is the refillable cartridge and the disposable cartridge. Just like the names suggest, refillable cartridges can be used over and over again. They allow you to use various types of e liquids with a single piece of equipment. All you have to do is replace the e-liquid once it is depleted. Disposable cartridges, on the other hand, are single-use equipment.

Once the contents are depleted, you have to throw it away and buy another one. Both these options have their pros and cons. Often, the need to buy either of them is user depend since some users prefer the disposable while others would go for the refillable cartridges.


Some of the best delta 8 THC flower wholesale formulations that you will find in the market today have been fashioned into e liquids for use in cartridges. Be sure to confirm with your vendor the quality of the product you are buying so that you can settle for a product with high potency and efficacy.