If you have been reading about tetrahydrocannabinol lately, you may have noticed that the two major contenders for superiority are the delta 8 THC and the delta 9 THC. Among these two worthy contenders, delta9 is the most popular. It is the product that has become synonymous with tetrahydrocannabinol. Not only, it is also the one cannabinoid that is so potent in its action that it became the sole reason for the illegalization of cannabis. Lately, legislators have exhibited some leniency on delta 9 THC. You may find it being sold in some states such as New Mexico that has allowed for the recreational use of marijuana alongside its medical use. In this article, we build a case around delta 8 and delta 9, with particular bias towards delta 8.

What is delta 8?

When you buy delta 8 re-roll wholesale, what you are essentially buying is a variant of delta 9 that has been formed due to the disintegration of delta 9. Besides, delta 8 exists in nature as a natural cannabinoid, albeit a minor cannabinoid-like several others, with the exception of CBD and delta 9. Despite being a variant of delta 9, delta 8 has relatively milder effects, and for good reason – because these milder effects are tolerable and can be the entry point of new users into the consumption of cannabinoids.

What are the benefits of delta 8?

Delta 8 is a unique product among cannabinoids. Technically, it can be considered a hybrid between CBD and THC because it exhibits the benefits of both CBD and THC. This one is the reason why delta 8 might be the better option among its users. For example, when you buy wholesale delta 8 pre roll online and use it, you should expect some level of euphoria because it works just like THC, but a milder version of it. Besides, you should expect to experience some effects that are common with CBD such as pain alleviation, mood stabilization, body relaxation, and sleep induction. One other function that TKO CBD hemp flower wholesale that has been enriched with delta 8 does so well is the stimulation of appetite.


Delta 8 stands out among other cannabinoids for being a hybrid between CBD and THC. It is also a perfect appetite inducer, which means that you should have enough food in waiting before you overindulge in consuming delta 8.