Few will argue that delta 8 is the next biggest thing to hit the vaping market.  Its unique effects alone make it quite different from CBD and other hemp cannabinoids that we are used to.  With delta-8 rapidly rising in popularity, it’s not surprising that a lot of companies have developed highly unique means for delivering this cannabinoid into the bodily system, through a series of innovative products that allow us to take the compound in the form of a tincture, vape, edible and so on.  Not everyone has an easy time picking just one delta 8 product with many enticing options available

Furthermore, each delivery method offers its own unique experience.  Therefore, a lot of our customers ask us whether or not they can take multiple delta 8 products in a manner that is safe and responsible.

Different Kinds of Delta 8 Products on the Market, and Their Effects

First, let’s break down the most popular types of delta-8 products that you will find today.  We’ll explain how each affects the user to get a feel for how unique combinations of products could create different kinds of delta 8 experiences.

Delta 8 Vapes

Delta-8 vapes are easily the most popular.  They come in pre-filled cartridges, bottled e-liquids, and even disposable all-in-one devices.  They allow you to inhale the compound into the body, which provides for fast-acting effects that last for about an hour, but are felt in a uniquely potent manner.

Delta 8 Tinctures

Delta-8 tinctures are next on the list, consisting of delta 8 extract that’s diluted in a carrier oil.  Tinctures are held under the tongue for about sixty seconds, during which time the compound absorbs through the sublingual tissue.  Effects typically peak in about 45 minutes and last for a couple of hours.

Delta 8 Gummies

Delta-8 gummies take the longest to take effect, as they must work their way through the digestive system before peaking within about 90 to 120 minutes.  However, the effects last for several hours at a time, and tend to be felt in a more subtle manner.

Delta 8 Flower

Delta-8 flower is the raw buds of the hemp plant that have been infused with this extract.  Like vapes, delta8 flower kicks in pretty quickly when you smoke or vaporize it, lasting for about an hour in the system.

Is it Okay to Take More Than One Delta 8 Product in a Day?

In short, yes.  There’s no reason to believe that this will lead to negative effects.  You can combine different delivery methods or simply take multiple doses of the same product as you so choose.

Is it Alright to Take More Than One Delta 8 Product at Once?

Similarly, it’s okay to take two delta8 products at once, such as vaping along with a gummy, or something to that effect.  There’s no known harm of combining two different delta 8 products at the same time.

What Happens if You Take Too Much Delta 8?

Taking two delta8 products, or two doses of the same product within a short period of time is fine.  However, know that there’s a chance that you might end up taking more than you’d have liked to.  Delta-8, unlike CBD, is psychoactive.  Its psychoactive properties are milder than those of delta 9 THC, which is the mind-altering compound in marijuana, but taking a very high amount of delta 8 can still make you feel groggy or anxious, depending on your tolerance to THC.

Therefore, if you’ve never used THC before, we do recommend that you start with either one dose per day, or smaller amounts of each product.

What Else Should You Consider?

Now, let’s discuss some other things that you should keep in mind before combining different delta 8 products.

Time Each Dose

This matters a great deal.  For instance, if you take a delta 8 gummy and a hit of a delta 8 vape at the same time, the effects of each delivery method may never take place at the same time.  This is because delta 8 vapes often wear off in the body after an hour, and that’s when the gummy is just beginning to absorb into the bodily system.

Be mindful of how long it takes for each type of delivery method to take effect, along with how long the effects of each method last, in order to time each dose in a way that’s favorable.

Be Mindful of the Strength

Each delta8 product has its own unique milligram strength.  So, this plays a big role in the ultimate experience of taking multiple products.  Taking two low-potency products will feel quite different from taking two that have an extremely high milligram strength each.  Hence, be mindful of your THC tolerance and personal goals for taking delta-8 prior to combining different ingredients.

Be Aware of the Other Active Ingredients

Also, remember that some delta8 products may have additional active ingredients, such as CBD, melatonin, and certain herbs.  When combining products, make sure that any other active ingredients are compatible with each other, providing a balanced and complementary experience.  For example, if you’re using hemp in an effort to sleep better, you don’t want to take a delta-8 formula infused with melatonin along with one that contains an ingredient known for boosting energy.

Final Thoughts

Delta 8, like cannabidiol, is a nontoxic cannabinoid that comes in a wide range of forms.  Plus, it can be taken daily.  If you wish to take delta 8 in various forms throughout the day, consider these factors.  From there, you can try to come up with a regimen that potentially works for you.