The world of vaping is always evolving, and this applies to CBD vaping goods as well. It’s become extremely popular to vape cannabidiol.  This is more than understandable considering how quickly cannabidiol activates in the body when absorbed through the lungs.  But, as you may know, not all CBD e-liquids are created equally.  Agrodyne combines CBD with MCT oil to produce high-quality vape juices.  MCT oil and hemp extract have proven to be a uniquely effective match.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil has become ubiquitous in the wellness industry, In fact, many of us consume it regularly.  MCT stands for “medium-chain triglyceride”, which refers to chains of triglyceride fats which are medium-size in length.  Essentially, this is a type of fat that’s profoundly easy for the body to digest and absorb due to the fact that their size is smaller than many other fats that we consume regularly.  As a result, it allows the body to store the fat in a more useful and efficient way.  Not to mention a healthier way overall.

MCT oil is most frequently derived from coconut oil, as this offers one of the best and most abundant sources of MCT.  There are a wide array of wellness products, it’s used in, including coffee creamers, protein powders and supplement capsules.  And, MCT oil is becoming a very popular choice when it comes to creating CBD goods.  It’s because MCT oil combines with hemp extract very easily.

Benefits of MCT Oil

Also offers various health benefits, which is another reason why so many are prioritizing it over other types of fats.

  • Stored in the body in a way that’s less likely to lead to obesity.
  • It’s utilized by the body in an advantageous way, rather than causing a buildup of fat in the tissue that can lead to a person becoming overweight.
  • MCT oil can help a person feel full faster.

But, when it comes to adding MCT oil to vaping goods, its benefits are different.  We’re not consuming it in the form of an ingestible.  MCT oil is ketogenic.  Hence, it can offer the brain a nice boost of fuel in a way that’s natural and holistic.  It crosses the blood-brain barrier easily. Also seems to offer unique neurological benefits, with some studies suggesting it may be useful against seizures and dementia.  Plus, it’s full of fatty acids that the body loves, especially the brain.

Why is MCT Oil Being Used in CBD Vape Juices?

If you know anything about the physics of vaping, then you know that e-liquids require some kind of liquid that is capable of vaporizing without burning, clogging or evaporating.  E-liquids are heated by a coil which is connected to a battery, and this turns the liquid into vapor.  A liquid that is too thin will cause the liquid to evaporate too quickly and potentially burn in an unpleasant way, while a liquid that is too thick will not vaporize at all, but rather clog up the system.

MCT oil, as it turns out, is the perfect e-liquid base, because when heated to the temperatures that activate the compounds in hemp extract, it promotes smooth, thick and overall enjoyable vapor quality.  And, it has a neutral taste that doesn’t interfere with the vaping experience.  Thus, it can take on flavor compounds very well in flavored vape oils.

MCT oil is being used as an alternative to PG and VG, which are the two ingredients that up until recently were used by practically all vape juice companies.  PG is propylene glycol, and VG is vegetable glycerin.  PG is a thin alcohol derivative while VG is a thick, viscous derivative of vegetable material.  While the two are deemed safe by the FDA, some question whether they’re actually beneficial to vaporize and inhale over the long term.  PG may cause throat irritation, and both may be carcinogenic when heated at particularly high temperatures.  Meanwhile, MCT oil has not been shown to cause any of these things, making it potentially a smarter choice.  Using MCT oil in place of a VG/PG blend doesn’t decrease the quality of the overall vaping experience in the slightest.

Other Effects

More fascinatingly, MCT oil seems to have synergistic effects that benefit the experience of vaping hemp specifically.  It seems that MCT oil enhances the bioavailability of cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp extract.  Meaning, they may end up being more effective when combined with this unique fat.  As a result, you may get more with every draw of a cannabidiol e-liquid made with a MCT oil base.

Further, many longtime vapers claim that PG/VG e-liquids make their mouth feel dry.  They may also feel dehydrated after vaping large quantities of e-liquid.  It’s not believed that these effects indicate a cause for real medical concern, but it can still detract from the vaping experience regardless.  Good news is that those who vape MCT-based CBD e-liquids find that these effects simply do not happen.

How to Find the Perfect CBD E-Liquid Made with MCT Oil

When shopping for CBD e-liquid, it’s important to read the product description thoroughly.  Even though MCT oil is becoming a more popular choice in the world of CBD vape juices, that doesn’t mean that every company uses it.  On the market, you’ll still find lots of brands that rely on a PG/VG blend to create the base of their formulas.  Therefore, look for companies that clearly state that their e-juices use MCT oil over PG and VG.

Also, keep in mind that the use of MCT oil doesn’t determine the overall quality of an e-liquid.  You still want to make sure that the hemp itself is high in quality, so make sure that you look for third-party lab reports that indicate that the company has their hemp extract tested in batches.